InDirect Composites - Belle Glass HP

Dream Smile offer dentists the most advanced indirect composites, belleGlass HP achieving the opalescent esthetic appearance more closely characterizes natural enamel like no other composite based material without the wear opposing dentition often experienced with much harder ceramic materials. Studies from the University of Alabama have shown posterior restorations maintain polish and luster for 8 years, making it smooth, comfortable and long lasting. It’s truly the best of both worlds…the esthetics and performance of ceramics with the kindness to opposing dentition of composite.

Light, heat and pressure produce the highest degree of material conversion (98.5%), giving belleGlass superior strength and wear characteristics. The opaceous dentin’s high filler content exceeds 87%, providing exceptional strengths and shrinkage of less that 0.94%, which means better margin integrity and less chance of microleakage.

Veneers, full-coverage crowns, bridges
(fiber re-inforced), Inlays/Onlays

Very gently on natural dentition
Low CTE opaceous dentin
Very high strength
Excellent esthetic
Precise fit characteristics
More than 8 years of clinical studies

Enamel-dentin adhesive bonding system

Comparison strength 64,199 psi 442 Mpa
Flexural strength 21,800 psi 150 Mpa
Diametral tensile 9,200 psi 63 Mpa
Flexural strength 1.9 x 10E6 psi 13,100 Mpa
Etchable with HF Yes
Method of cure Light, heat & pressure
Coefficient of thermal expansion 13.1 ppm/ºC


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