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Press Release - LVI Members

January 21, 2006
“DREAM SMILE… artistry, knowledge and expert service”

Dear LVI Members;

For many years our technicians have studied alongside many of you, the revolutionary new kind of dentistry taught at (LVI) by world renounced clinician such as Dr. Bill Dickerson. The type of dentistry where artistry replaces antiquity, skills replaces insurance dependency, confidence replaces uncertainty and where mediocrity is replaced forever.

Today, we proudly introduce you to Dream Smile Dental Studios, an LVI Certified Dental Laboratory comprising of highly skilled dental technicians with LVI certification in numerous dental procedures such as: Neuromuscular dentistry, All-Ceramic and Zirconia CAD/CAM substructure restorations.

It is our goal at Dream Smile to provide you with the restorations that will augment your newly acquired clinical skills and management principals, and to make available complimentary services that will help you achieve the type of practice you have dreamed about.

From the first call you place to Dream Smile, you will notice the advantageous benefits of dealing with an LVI Certified Laboratory. To mention a few:
1. Case Pre-Planning – as every case small or large is unique to the patient’s individual needs, Dream Smile case planning specialists start the communication process prior to tooth preparation ensuring the best product selection for successful, customized results.
2. Advanced Communication Practices – as three-way communication is vital to the end results, Dream Smile restoration design form was created to expansively communicate delicate differences (e.g. coping design, surface anatomy, shade characterization, length of teeth, stains, etc.) Coupled with dental photography, Dream Smile Technicians can properly and easily communicate these subtle differences.
3. Special Effects – though Dream Smile is a cosmetic dental laboratory, it lends its expertise to the movie industry by working with Hollywood leading dentists on creating some of the most memorable special effect restorations worn by some of the most influential and glamorous actors and actresses in the business today.
4. Continuing Education – through partnering with several prominent educators and lecturers, hands-on clinics, chair-side and telephone consultation, Dream Smile customers have benefited substantially by increasing the revenue generated from each restoration they deliver, thus increasing their customer overall satisfaction and loyalty.

It is simple – this is our business – aside from offering a variety of restorative options, we create an environment conducive to all our customers to attain collaboration in providing high quality restorations, differentiated products and legendary customer service like no other in the country.

To those who supported us from the beginning, we thank you for your confidence and we promise to work harder to continue earning your business. To those considering Dream Smile Dental Studios, we encourage you to take advantage of our 100% satisfaction guaranteed.

For your convenience, we have enclosed a copy of Dream Smile latest company profile and a no obligation $50.00 gift certificate to use on any restoration you select from our catalog. A copy of our latest catalog has been reserved in your name; please call to request your free copy.

Use the no obligation gift certificate today with your next three-units or more All-Ceramic restoration, i.e. IPS Empress, IPS Empress 2, IPS Empress Esthetic, IPS Eris and Colorite Feldspathic Veneers. Call Today 888. 601. 9001 to schedule a pick up or to order shipping supplies.

We thank you for taking into consideration this letter. We look forward to serving you, your entire staff and customers in the days to come.

With my very best regards,

Roobik (Rick) Ebrahimi – CDT

PS. Call toll-free 888. 601. 9001 to request a FREE copy of our latest catalog.

Enclosure: Company profile
$50 Gift certificate

LVI Certified Technician


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